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Connecting people and ideas for growth

Linchpin Strategy is a unique business and brand consultancy, delivering an effective blend of strategy, creativity, analytics, and tactics to help organizations innovate and grow. We advise and partner with clients in the health care, consumer products, business services, graphic communications, and nonprofits sectors. We engage organizations in times of transition and growth.

Our approach is simple: we’re all about finding a fresh perspective—challenging the status quo, discovering new possibilities, prioritizing opportunities, and then focusing our energy to put that thinking into action. In collaboration with clients, our strategic and creative teams deliver business and brand solutions that make a real difference to the future of organizations, their success, and the people they serve.


Our mission is to inspire and activate creative solutions, promoting connectivity and helping people make substantial improvements.


We are only successful if our clients are successful and satisfied. Solving the difficult problems requires people with the right competencies and character. We are drawn to the opportunity to help solve difficult business and brand challenges. Linchpin was founded on these beliefs:

We focus on making our clients successful, and success can be measured.

We understand that excellence in execution is critical to activating powerful ideas.

We tell the truth as we see it because it engages and connects people.

We promote authentic brand experiences to ensure relationships based on trust.

We keep an open mind to new perspective and love those “ah-ha!” moments.

We have the courage to invent healthy debate and champion unconventional ideas.

We strive to provide exceptional value while being sensitive to client constraints.

We maintain high standards, so we always bring the right talent to the table.

We believe in the power of teamwork and a collective vision for something better.

We love what we do, have fun getting the work done, and celebrate the wins.

What’s in a name?

One of the first challenges for an organization can be its name. Ours was selected after careful consideration and an intrinsic journey to understand the essence of the business and the brand. We are connectors, creative spirits, system thinkers, and activators. We partner with organizations to identify opportunities, bring people and ideas together as a team, initiate well-conceived plans, achieve a common goal, and celebrate.

LINCH-PIN (noun): one that serves to hold together parts or elements that exist or function as a unit.