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The proof is in the results

We can tell you about the love we have for our work, list the brands we’ve helped, and describe the services we provide, but our ultimate goal is to provide creative solutions that have a positive impact on your brand reputation, marketing performance, sales revenue, or bottom line. We are only satisfied when our clients have achieved their goals—and those of their customers.

Case studies

Take a look at some of our success stories and you’ll see the Linchpin approach in action. To learn more about the impact we can make for you, contact us and let’s connect over a cup of coffee.

Major Supermarket Brand and the American Heart Association
We brought a major supermarket brand and the American Heart Association together to promote healthier consumer decisions.
See how.

Excellus BlueCross BlueShield
We helped Excellus BlueCross BlueShield discover a better, faster process for evaluating critical ideas and decisions.
Find out how.

ViaHealth Plan
We transformed the marketing for a regional health insurance plan to connect with key customers and grow market share.
Learn how.

Rochester Museum & Science Center
We used market insights, strategic planning, and inspiring design to re-energize a nonprofit brand.
Find out how.

Business Services Company
We helped a veteran corporation speak and act like innovators as they responded to a competitive and rapidly changing industry.
See how.

BlueCross BlueShield National Sales Group

We helped a health insurance team define its value proposition to better navigate the waters of a shifting market. Learn how.


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