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Analytics & Strategy

Defining value in a dynamic and competitive marketplace 

BlueCross BlueShield National Sales Group

For a traditional health insurance company, a time of significant industry change can make it more vital than ever to understand marketplace position and respond quickly to aggressive competition and new technology. We helped Excellus identify needs, issues, and opportunities, providing a clearer definition of the company’s value proposition for its national sales team.


With the introduction of consumerism into the health care industry, national health insurance companies were developing and delivering new products and services in an effort to promote individual accountability and reverse the negative financial trends within the system. Strategic partnerships with industry specialists and technology leaders were critical to retain and grow sales in the rapidly changing marketplace. The BlueCross BlueShield National Sales Group at Excellus Health Plan needed to better understand prevalent market forces, changing customer needs, organizational capabilities, and technology requirements to define their industry position and response to the competition, business partners, and customers.


Research the latest insight into industry trends, stakeholder needs, governmental regulations, competition, and operational capacity. Complete a comprehensive internal and external assessment. Activate a formal project and engage key stakeholders to redefine the value proposition for a national sales group representing the BlueCross BlueShield Association. Empower the sales force through understanding of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats from national competitors. Gather essential information to drive future enterprise strategic-planning efforts for envisioning a future state and technology roadmap.


After extensive research and analysis, led a cross-functional team in defining the value proposition statement, brand positioning, and marketing and sales messages related to health care consumerism and transparency of information. Facilitated strategic-planning sessions with external business partners to align vision of future and outline architectural roadmap. Recommended new consumerism technology, resources, and business platforms for new products and services in response to growth opportunities.


  • Established common language, shared awareness and active engagement within key stakeholders.
  • Provided a well-conceived and consistent response to customers, business partners, and providers.
  • Empowered sales force through understanding of value proposition and facts about market position.
  • Elevated brand relevance through marketing, communications, and sales speaking points and tools.
  • Facilitated strategic-planning sessions with business partners to define future technology roadmap.