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Identifying solutions through insight and enlightenment

The Linchpin approach leverages curiosity, creativity, analytics, and system thinking to identify connections and explore opportunities based on the intersection of the needs of people, the feasibility of technology, and the capacity of an organization. Our experienced business and creative team collaborates with clients to explore new ideas or organize known opportunities into actionable plans and sustainable systems to achieve short-term objectives and long-term goals.

The key to an effective strategy is insight into the essence of the need or problem, resulting in a well-conceived solution, collective sense of purpose, and a path for activation. Our thinking is best visualized as a system of overlapping spheres that intersect at the point of opportunity and possibility, leading to innovation. 


Our practical business experience has guided the development of proven methods and tools to establish clarity with fact-based perspectives. Through in-house analytics and partnerships, the Linchpin team gathers and analyzes data to help clients make informed and crucial business decisions based on stakeholder insights, trends, environment factors, new technology, and consumer needs.

We collaborate with clients to explore new ideas or organize known opportunities into actionable plans and winning results. We openly share knowledge, methods, and tools with clients and the professional community to promote collaboration, open innovation, and continuous improvement. We want to understand your business and immerse ourselves in an extensive discovery phase, asking such questions as:

  1. Who are you (as a company)?

  2. What do you do?

  3. Why does it matter?

  4. To whom are you talking?

  5. How do you prove your value?

With insight into the essence of an organization and its need or problem, we guide the development of business strategies, then bridge the gap to create congruent brand experiences through marketing and sales tactics, building trust, making meaningful connections, and driving growth.