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Innovation & Growth

Embracing innovation and transforming a culture

Business Services Company

It’s easy to say your business wants to be at the head of the pack—to be a leader and not a follower, breaking new ground instead of walking in others’ well-worn footprints. But the company-wide shift in thinking and behavior needed to get there isn’t always as easy to achieve. Unless you have the right help.


A mature business services company needed to respond to the challenges of a rapidly changing industry and aggressive competition. Leadership feared the perception of a laggard by stakeholders and recognized the need to develop a strategy to create linkages to the brand and innovation. The company needed to shift its culture and develop a method for ideation and assessment of commercial product concepts.


Before embarking on a corporate innovation journey, research and analyze the methods, practices, techniques, and lessons learned from the leading innovative organizations and brands. Read and synthesize the writing of the foremost thought leaders and visionaries on the topic of innovation and organizational transformation. Identify patterns, success factors, and insights to guide the development and implementation of an enterprise innovation initiative. Complete internal and external assessments to understand key factors to consider throughout the strategic-planning process.


Through white papers and presentations, illuminated the facts about industry leaders and laggards, compelling executives to evaluate the corporation’s position in the market. Recommended strategic tactics to change the culture and drive growth through innovation. Identified business and brand-building growth opportunities that would drive business impact and build equity as an innovative brand.


  • Promoted common language related to innovation within the leadership team.
  • Researched and shared innovation success factors and approaches.
  • Recommended cultural profile to clarify behaviors, values, and readiness for change.
  • Created an enterprise innovation management method and toolkit concept.


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