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Branding & Design

A renewed brand: now on display

Rochester Museum & Science Center

Linchpin knows a thing or two about kids, and what they expect from today’s museums is as much interaction as it is education. With their new brand, we helped one of Rochester’s most storied institutions position itself as a unique, progressive destination.


The Rochester Museum & Science Center needed to create a relevant and compelling brand that would represent a diverse portfolio of attractions and appeal to a board range of stakeholders. The brand needed to reflect the new organizational vision and strategic plan to reposition the institute as a progressive and unique destination with hands-on, interactive exhibits and significant artifacts related to natural science and cultural history. In addition, a new brand could attract new membership, influential board members, and elevate the organization’s image within the community. “This isn’t your grandparents museum.”


Started by understanding the strategic goals and objectives for the organization and their impact on the brand. After the 5-year strategic business plan was finalized, comprehensive stakeholder research was conducted to understand market needs, industry trends, organizational capabilities, and opportunities. Developed a new positioning, brand values, brandmark, icon, tagline, architecture, and marketing messages for various groups. Worked with an implementation team from the organization to develop comprehensive brand launch plans with various media tactics, deployment schedule, and criteria for evaluating success.


The organization was successfully re-branded and re-positioned, connecting with individuals and families searching for a memorable, hands-on educational experience. This program included redesigning and enhancing all of customer touchpoints – signage, website, print materials, advertising, e-mail templates, etc. Business, brand strategy and identity were finally in alignment with actionable plans to elevate stakeholder perceptions, increase revenue and credibility within the regional market.


  • Designed a new brand identity that was authentic and well received by stakeholders.
  • Created brand architecture for all facilities and attractions within the organization.
  • Established brand standards and guidelines to ensure design continuity and quality across all media.
  • Leverage new brand identity and positioning for series of collaborative promotional television spots.
  • Energized staff and volunteers with new organizational vision and inspired design for brand identity.