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Putting consumer health at the heart of a collaboration

Major Supermarket Brand and the American Heart Association

Heart health begins with your diet, and that diet often begins with a trip to the grocery store. Linchpin saw an opportunity to help a targeted group of high-risk consumers make truly better decisions about food—and we brought the perfect partners together to make it a reality.


Heart disease continues to be the #1 killer in the United States. An estimated 83 million U.S. adults suffer from cardiovascular disease – coronary heart disease, heart failure, stroke, and high blood pressure. More than 2,200 people die of cardiovascular disease each day – one death every 39 seconds. Adhering to nutritional guidelines and frequent physical activity is essential to managing and minimizing the affects of cardiovascular disease. The change in diet required can be challenging when considering the many food options within retail stores and the recommendations from various health care resources.


Linchpin Strategy envisioned a fun, hands-on program that combined important information about managing cardiovascular-related conditions such as high cholesterol and blood pressure with easy to follow, practical cooking tips for a heart-healthy diet. Minimize the anxiety of making significant dietary changes within a supportive group forum, featuring credible information and participation by family and/or caregiver. We saw the intersection between a major regional supermarket chain and the American Heart Association for a healthier community, and recognized the supermarket brand’s ability to deliver an exceptional program to individuals throughout upstate New York and beyond.


Linchpin collaborates with the supermarket brand to develops a heart-healthy educational cooking concept and facilitates conversations with the American Heart Association to provide supportive resources. The heart-healthy education program empowers individuals suffering from cardiovascular disease and their primary caregivers with information about making better dietary choices for a healthier life. After several months of development, the collaborative effort resulted in a pilot cooking demonstration program in February 2012. The final heart-healthy program will be a cooking demonstration format supported by a registered nutritionist and an executive chef, and feature seasonal recipes.


  • Initiates a conversation about future opportunities to collaborate on community health programs.
  • Educates individuals with cardiovascular disease to live healthier, better lives.

Check back for future updates on this project and its impact on the fight against heart disease.