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Our approach is simple: we’re all about finding a fresh perspective—challenging the status quo, discovering new possibilities, prioritizing opportunities, and then focusing our energy to put that thinking into action. In collaboration with clients, our strategic and creative teams deliver business and brand solutions that make a real difference to the future of organizations, their success, and the people they serve. We’re Linchpin. Let’s connect.

Connecting People and Ideas for Growth

Who we are.

We’re connectors. Thinkers. Activators. Brand builders, process engineers, and designers. True professionals and real people. Meet the network.

How we get there.

Whenever people, technology, and organizations intersect, we see a chance to identify connections, discover opportunities, and put strategy into action.

Where we focus.

From customer products and health care to business services to nonprofits, our expertise spans a diverse range of industries.

How to reach us.

Headquartered in Rochester, New York, Linchpin serves clients throughout New York State. Let’s talk about your needs.